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Polyglot, why did you remove the other translations? Is wiktionary really meant as a dictionary only to English? I find it quite helpful when every word has translations in as many languages as possible. Especially for words that are not easy to translate to English it is very useful. Kadel 09:32, 15 Apr 2004 (UTC)

I didn't really remove them. I moved them over to the English entry. Some translations were in Wiktionary twice and some were actually wrong in the Bahasa indonesia article. And that is exactly the reason why I moved them over. If there are as many translation lists as there are languages, can you imagine how hard it would be to keep them all synchronized? Errors would creep in (as they did). Some translations will only be found in some entries and so on.
Now I agree, you have to click twice to get to the translations, which might be somewhat inconvenient, but think about the inconvenience of having to click through to all the entries in all the languages in order to find out whether a translation to Swahili was not added under the Afrikaans or Lingala version of the word.
From a programmer's point of view, it makes sense to centralize these sorts of lists as much as possible and make pointers to them. In the case of translations under foreign language it is an implicit pointer. Sometimes, in the case of English synomyms for example, the pointer is made more explicit. It has a lot to do with avoiding duplication of effort as well.
Look at my additions to the entry for car (French section) for an exception to this rule. Sometimes English doesn't have a nuance that does exist in other languages. Then it is appropriate to add translations to foreign language entries. Names of languages, elements, days, months and most simple, straight forward words are not among such exceptions.
Once an Indonesian version of Wiktionary will be started there will be new translation lists, which will of course appear under the Indonesian entries. The other languages can then point to these entries. This is already going to create enough duplication of effort. Don't you think so?
Oh yes, welcome to Wiktionary! :-) Polyglot 09:58, 15 Apr 2004 (UTC)

okay, I can accept that. But then it seems unneccesary to me to have a "Translations" section - the English translation is already given directly below the word. there's something else wrong with this article: It should be "bahasa Indonesia" with a capital "I" - how do I change that? Thanks! Kadel 10:32, 15 Apr 2004 (UTC)

Indeed, I meant to ask you about that, but I forgot. You can't change it. Well not easily anyway. I'll take care of it.
Whether a translations section is needed or not, depends on how you formulate your definition. If you simply give the English word as a definition, it's not needed. If you do write a definition (has to be in English), then I think it makes sense to have a translations section. Polyglot 11:56, 15 Apr 2004 (UTC)