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RFV discussion: October–November 2018[edit]

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The following discussion has been moved from Wiktionary:Requests for verification (permalink).

This discussion is no longer live and is left here as an archive. Please do not modify this conversation, but feel free to discuss its conclusions.

DTLHS (talk) 17:58, 26 October 2018 (UTC)

Redirect to betterer or bettererer as per WT:CFI#Repetitions. — SGconlaw (talk) 22:27, 26 October 2018 (UTC)
I would like to say that I took a Wiktionary dump in late 2016 and I have been trying to clean up every entry since that time. Some that I don't even want to TOUCH are shit like bettererererer and worsesesesesest. If there is any kind of interest/fix-up/suicide/... I am ready. Let me know. I am really here for your benefit. I try. Equinox 01:27, 29 October 2018 (UTC)
Lol I literally don't remember writing this. How pious. Equinox 15:04, 29 October 2018 (UTC)

I replaced the entry with a redirect. Kiwima (talk) 18:29, 29 November 2018 (UTC)