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Interlingua - historietta?[edit]

I wonder where the Interlingua translation of the comic medium to "Historietta" comes from? I think I've only seen it on Wiktionary, and it's a Spanish-only word, not applied to Interlingua word-formation rules. (A word must be found in at least three of the core languages of English, Spanish/Portuguese (considered as one language), French and Italian, and if it's only found in two of these languages, it should be found in one of the secondary languages German and Russian.) On the Interlingua official site, I've seen "banda designate" (based on French Bande dessiné and (Portugal) Portuguese Banda desenhada. Otherwise, English-based "comic" (plur. "comics") would make most sense, main word in English, common synonym in Spanish (particularly among fans and scholars), used in French for American comics, and main word in the secondary languages German and Russian. Wakuran 10:58, 8 August 2008 (UTC)