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This page has problems! The European Parliament, which seems to be responsible for this term has contributed to the confusion.

In a document entitled "Comitology" (sic!) produced by the European Parliament at the following definition is given:

"'Commitology' may be defined as a process for adopting measures to implement legislative acts. In this process measures are adopted by the Commission, assisted by a committee of experts from the Member States."

If the intention is to derive this term from the word "committee", it must be spelled with a double "m".

If it were spelled with a single "m" it would suggest derivation from "comity" and a completely different meaning. Eclecticology 21:53 Jan 26, 2003 (UTC)

I would suggest that Comitology be listed as an alternative spelling as both spellings appear to be fairly common --Imran 22:25 Jan 26, 2003 (UTC)
mm is rare. Compare [1] with [2].--Henrygb 13:51, 8 June 2006 (UTC)