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While searching for the word "counsellor" on the Open Dictionary I was told it could not find an entry for this word. I was quite surprised at this and the Open Dictionary informed me that they get most of their content from Wiktionary. So I did a search for "counsellor" in Wiktionary, to be told that the word "counsellor" is an alternative spelling for the spelling "counselor".

Now this spelling "counselor" is the US English spelling and the version I was searching for is the UK English spelling. I was surprised to see the UK English spelling described as an alternative spelling. To my mind UK English is the definitive English language, as the english language was formed in England. Therefore I would say any spelling variations away from UK English spelling is the alternative, not the other way around.

With this in mind should the Wiktionary not be designed around the UK English rather than the US English, and any variants to UK English spelling should be marked as alternatives.

Any thoughts?

yes, move to London

However, "Counsellor" was the spelling taught to students _in the US_ in the 50's! So - go figure!