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According to the author Patrick O,Brien, the origin of the word stems from the Irokoi (?) people ? —This comment was unsigned.

Presumably Irokoi = w:Iroquois.
I would say the origin story is just one that w:Patrick O'Brien puts in the mouth of one of his characters, not necessarily one that he believes. See here.
I have found little credible support for the supposed Iroquois origin, but I haven't exhausted all possible sources.
I don't think that anyone has a good theory of the exact origin of this. One slightly boring (and hence likely true !) possibility is that it is analogous to not pay the bills/rent and similar expressions meaning "not having practical value", but using the late 19th century US ice industry as the source of a specific form of the metaphor. DCDuring TALK 19:55, 29 April 2012 (UTC)