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Encyclopedic information removed (by me, Connel MacKenzie 23:32, 9 October 2005 (UTC)) from Etymology:

Believed by most to be derived From Latin caesar. But based on the fact that the term czar was used some what later after the king of Russia conquered Khazaria for the Khazars it is more likely derived from Khazars who actually were nicknamed the zars in what at the time was the kingdom of Rus. Also to mention there is no c in russian and caesar is pronounced in Russian as Sayser. In other words the old theroy the word tzar is drived from caesar is wrong but instead khazar. Also to mention the main reason the term caesar is thought to be derived from Caesar is old fable that an monk sent the king of Russia a letter saying there was 2 romes russia is the third and there will not be a fourth. Also the word tzarina is simply derived from the ending sometimes added to denote wife in Hebrew. For example Rabbis are called Rebbe then later on called Rabbis. The wife of a rabbi is called a rebbetzin. Though rabbis aren't usually called rebbes the word rebbetzin stuck. So the word czarina is derived from the same eytymology as the word czar but also the ending in is added to denote wife of then later a is added to the end. The reason why the ending in is used even though the russians were related is because after khazars royalty converted to judaism much influence was taken from hebrew indeed he builkt several synagogues and had several talmudic academys built and invited several jewish scholars to his kingdom. For more information about the khazars go to and type inn khazar. Also to mention kh simply means a k like in the loch though the sound kh is very similar to k. If you doubt this origin of the word czar one can simply look at the letters in russian for tz, sh, shch, and ch one can easily notice after looking at the hebrew that these letters are indeed derived from Hebrew. Go to it talks about some letters were indeed derived from Hebrew. Also to mention the form of government used by Russians after the execution of the czar's family was communism which was acctially developed by a Jew!