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Earliest Usenet uses via Google Groups[edit]

  • BigEndian, LittleEndian net.unix-wizards - 9 sep 1982 03:49 de Lbl-U...
    IT WON'T WORK! You will never get around the BigEndian-LittleEndian problem
  • Big-Endians, Little-Endian net.lang.c - 27 oct 1982 00:26 de ihuxe!a...
    War ensued, and the Big-Endians were eventually expelled to the neighboring island of Blefescu, leaving the Little-Endian partisans in control of Lilliput.
  • little-endian-ness, little-endian net.unix-wizards - 29 abr 1983 02:01 de sun!...
    On the 16k, I suspect right to left due to little-endian-ness. I'd guess that K&R singles out the 11 because at the time it was the only little-endian Unix machine.
  • big-endian net.lang.c - 9 oct 1983 23:54 de Ken Turkowski
    On the big-endian side are IBM and the 68000 with their (excuse me, K&R) struct long { char byte0, byte1, byte2, byte3; };
  • big Endian net.arch rpw3 4 May 1984 05:02
    (the -10 is a "big Endian" machine, so bit 0 is MSB and bit 35 is LSB)
  • little-Endian, big-Endian net.arch Wayne Wilner 14 May 1984 15:15
    This was a great help in dealing with both little-Endian and big-Endian data at the same time.
  • endian net.micro.68k Ian Kaplan 24 ago 1984 11:55
    In Ken Turkowski's article on the big and little endian addressing used on the 68020 he commented that Motorola's approach "proved" that a machine with consistant bit addressing (e.g., all little or big endian) was impossible.
  • high-endian net.micro.68k Steve Glaser 28 ago 1984 09:27
    Given the high-endian nature of the 68k, it makes sense to do bit fields this way.
  • middle-endian, step-function-endian net.micro.68k Hugh Redelmeier 31 ago 1984 08:52
    Randy Buckland says the VAX is entirely little-endian. If you look at the floating point format, it seems to be middle-endian or something: the exponent is in the middle of the fraction, splitting the fraction into two parts. Furthermore, the fraction components contained in succeeding 16-bit words decreases in significance (step-function-endian??).
  • Little-Endians net.micro.68k John Gilmore 8 sep 1984 17:17
    The followers of the former approach are called the Little-Endians, and the followers of the latter are called the Big-Endians.
  • Big-endianness net.lang.c - 1 nov 1985 22:03 de Doug Gwyn <gwyn>
    Big-endianness would have to be combined with data addressing at the high-address byte before it would be the causal factor; this combination appears to be rarer than I at first believed.
  • big-endianness net.lang.c - 20 abr 1986 11:16 de g...
    If you want to flame big-endianness, don't use C portability as an argument.
  • endianness net.unix-wizards - 5 sep 1986 22:53 de g...
    The only machine I know of where its "endianness" is settable is the WE32000 chip, and maybe the later chips in that family; the endianness of that chip is settable from one of the pins on the chip, but I don't think there are many of them running as little-endian machines, if any at all.