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RFV-failed sense[edit]

  1. The spirit, mind, or intellect of an individual.
    • 1913, James Francis Cooke, Great Pianists on Piano Playing[1], reprint edition, Project Gutenberg, published 2009:
      The average virtuoso thinks far more of his "geist," his "talent" (or as Emerson would have it, "the shadow of the soul--the otherwise") than he does of his technic, or his cadenzas.
    • 2011, Harriet A. Harris, God, Goodness and Philosophy:
      When man experiences pain, he can direct his Geist towards something that surpasses mere reality (the pain itself).
    • 2011, Will Self, Walking to Hollywood[2], Bloomsbury Publishing, ISBN 9781408809945, page 205:
      Home to where Woody Woodpecker perches, 'H'h'h'h'-ha-ha! H'h'h'h'-ha-ha!', drilling his geist into the boards with no lubrication of beak or hole.

See the RFV discussion for an explanation of why the citations are deficient. - -sche (discuss) 05:52, 28 November 2012 (UTC)