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I am interested in the word as I remember it coming into use in Canada in the early 70's when we underwent metric conversion.

As used in Canada, it means, in context, kilometre, kilometres per hour, etc

Kilometres per hour didn't roll of the tongue so "klicks" just sounded better. It also did get used for mileage on an odometer, as in how many times has the odometer clicked over.

As it was used mostly in the spoken form, the differention in spelling, betweenn "klick" for kmph vs 'click" for the odometer wasn't an issue. The "K" was kept because of the correlatio to kilometre.

What is the connection to the military to justify the categoriation as Military slang?

What is the appropriate way to add this to the meaning?

-- 00:38, 17 July 2008 (UTC)

The speedometer reference is very weak if klick came from soldiers in Vietnam as Wikipedia suggests. Vietnam era military vehicles had speedometers calibrated in miles, not kilometers, so there is no correlation.