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The transliteration shows the word newbies, yet the l33t line has n00bz, which is an intentional misspelling of noobs, a shortening of newbies, but still a different word (see: noob). I suggest putting noobs in place of newbies in the transliteration with a parenthetically enclosed explanation that noobs is a shortening of newbies.

Also, s|_|m would be more l33tish if spelled 5|_|m, and pwned should not be transliterated into owned, pwned belongs in the transliteration line as the p does not replace an o, but instead pwned is a separate word from owned, brought about through a misspelling, but now is a common internet slang word.

Add fact about typical usage[edit]

Would it be helpful to add a brief reference in the definition that mentions leetspeak is mostly found especially among subsects of internet/computer savvy (and, oftentimes, younger) individuals. (Worth mentioning: I haven't super-deeply researched guidelines pertaining to "original research" or verified sources when it comes to Wiktionary (though I did do some basic reading on the topic.) Perhaps the rules for posting are more significantly different than Wikipedia than I realized. Perhaps those aren't major issues here, or perhaps this snippet of additional knowledge is beyond the scope of Wiktionary. [Also, I recognize that this talk page for somewhat older term will likely never be perused, but if it is, feel free to contribute your feelings about this proposed change.])Jtrnp (talk) 02:19, 10 August 2018 (UTC)