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Shortened and changed the definition for a more better and concise definition.

The definition that people revert to is wrong, particularly the bipedal part. Bipedalism means walking on two legs. The lindworm is not strictly bipedal and having two arms doesn't equal bipedality, as some lindworms have two arms but don't move like wyverns who are true bipeds.

Using the word bipedal may cause a misunderstanding that this creature always walks as a wyvern when in fact in some depictions it can slither like a serpent or move like a Mexican mole lizard.

The lindworm can be bipedal like a wyvern, slithering like a snake, moving like a mole lizard or quadripedal. The attempt to revert to wingless bipedal dragon is a stub definition of what lindworm is.

Shortened the definition even further.