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I suspect that this is a spelling used for the raspberry interjection. But since there is no English spelling (or even IPA) for an interlabial trill, we'll probably never know for certain what the quoted authors intended.


  1. I wouldn't blame you if you blew me a raspberry after these questions. Which vowel-free Scrabble word means "a sound of annoyance or distaste"?
    PHPHT. PHPHT's little cousin, PHT, is also a valid Scrabble word. I'm sure I've seen THBT and BRRT in a few comic strip captions, and ZRBT is (as we all know) the noise made when you press your lips against a baby's tummy and blow hard. (Accessed 2012-12-30)
  2. Rude Raspberries
    Comic books really help us learn words. I’m sure you’ve seen the big balloons dripping with saliva to simulate a raspberry. Turns out, the writers were only exaggerating slightly. You can play PHT or even PHPHT. (Accessed 2012-12-30)

Thnidu (talk) 01:20, 31 December 2012 (UTC)