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Earliest Usenet uses via Google Groups:

  • verbification: net.jokes - 1 Jul 1982 by uwvax (from NEWSWEEK July 5, 1982 p.24 "Why Haig Quit: Contexting It")
    Early on, Alexander Haig's persistent verbification of nouns, expropriation of compound military-bureaucratic voguisms and caveating of almost everything back-burnered the rest of his style.
    Perhaps he was fed up with all the linguistic pot-shot taking, or perhaps he conceptualized that his personal verbification program had downscended into the hopeless-cause mode.
  • verbify: - 29 Jan 1988 by Gilbert Cockton
    (though British Trade Unionese does verbify a lot)
  • verbifying: comp.virus - 16 May 1990 by zmudzinski, thomas (From Federal Computer Week, 14 May 90, P.14 & 17 By ROBERT SMITHMIDFORD)
    The rest of us can still do our morphology and verbifying _off_ the witness stand.
  • verbified: alt.peeves - 19 Apr 1991 by angela allen
    If all nouns can be enverbed, or verbified, then the act of verbifying a noun is verbification.
  • verbifies: comp.text.sgml - 28 Jun 1991 by Ed Vielmetti
    verbify verbifies nouns into a state of submission.
  • verbifications: news.future - 21 Apr 1992 by Tom Fitzgerald
    Indexing on fragments also gets you variations of words (plurals, verbifications) for free, which would otherwise require a hefty chunk of AI, for English anyway.
  • verbifier: sci.engr.chem - 16 Nov 1995 by Justin D. Bukowski (sig quoting Maddy Page, defending the purity of la langue anglaise)
    Hang your burnished head in shame, you language slaughterer, you egregious verbifier of stout nouns.
  • verbifiers: alt.folklore.urban - 16 Nov 1998 by Charlie Gibbs
    Now let's go out and bash those revisionists who say "mouses", along with the verbifiers who go around "inputting" data.

Hippietrail 10:42, 25 Apr 2005 (UTC)