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Edit-copy green.svg Documentation for Template:R:LSJ. [edit]
This page contains usage information, categories, interwiki links and other content describing the template.


This template generates a reference to the LSJ at the Perseus Project using Module:R:Perseus.

In most cases, the URL can be automatically determined from the page title, and no parameters are needed. Perseus uses codes to refer to LSJ entries. In many cases, the code is a simple conversion of the page title to Beta Code: for example, λόγοςlo/gos. Thus, on the page λόγος, the module can automatically determine the code: {{R:LSJ}}.

Sometimes the code contains a digit for disambiguation, when there are two words that have the same spelling when diacritics are removed. Sometimes the code is otherwise bizarrely unpredictable, as with δηλητήρ (dēlētḗr) (see at the bottom). In these cases, place the code in the first parameter. A second parameter for the link text is not needed if the displayed text is identical to the page name. For instance, {{R:LSJ|lao/s1}} in the entry for λαός (laós).

Sometimes the page title is not the same as the LSJ entry name. This is true, for example, when the LSJ is cited in an English entry (for instance, sapphire), or when the LSJ describes a word in the entry for another word (for instance, the noun δοτική (dotikḗ) is defined in the LSJ entry for its parent adjective δοτικός (dotikós)). If the Perseus code is a simple conversion of the page title to Beta Code, place the Greek in the first parameter: {{R:LSJ|σάπφειρος}}, {{R:LSJ|δοτικός}}. Else, put the Greek in the second parameter and the code in the first: {{R:LSJ|lao/s1|λαός}}.

Beta code[edit]

Breathing marks and accents are represented with punctuation marks. They generally follow the letter they modify:

  • Rough breathing mark is (
  • Smooth breathing mark is )
  • Acute accent is /
  • Circumflex is %3D (standing in for =)
  • Iota subscript is %7C (standing in for |)
  • Diaeresis is +

Capital letters are marked with an asterisk (*) and a lowercase letter. Sometimes a rough breathing or smooth breathing or accent will come between the asterisk and the lowercase letter: Ἕλλην*(/ellhn.

Transcription characters
Greek Input Greek Input Greek Input Greek Input Greek Input
α a ζ z λ l π p φ f
β b η h μ m ρ r χ x
γ g θ q ν n σ/ς s ψ y
δ d ι i ξ c τ t ω w
ε e κ k ο o υ u ϝ v
Observe these characters particularly as they are not intuitive.