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R:TLL” in the Thesaurus Linguae Latinae (TLL Open Access), Berlin (formerly Leipzig): De Gruyter (formerly Teubner), 1900–present

Standard usage places this template in a Wiktionary entry’s References section, preceded by a bullet (a line-initial asterisk: *).

When referencing TLL in general, filling in these parameters mainly helps the few users of the paper version - a TLL open access link would suffice for the rest. However, filling in all the parameters becomes necessary when referencing a specific line.


To cite with a direct link the headword hērēdito, given on the TLL website in the format 6,3:2643, type:

* {{R:TLL|hērēdito|6|part=3|2643|54|url=https://publikationen.badw.de/en/thesaurus/lemmata#46310}}


* {{R:TLL|hērēdito|6|part=3|2643|54|lem=46310}}

which displays the following text:


  • |1= (optional)
    The headword goes here. Otherwise, the name of the page is given as the headword.
  • |url= (optional)
    Paste the URL that points to the scanned page on the TLL Open Access website...
    • |lem= (optional)
      ...or just the number after the '#' for a direct link. Otherwise, a link to TLL OA's introductory page is given.
  • |2= (optional)
    The volume number.
  • |part= (optional)
    If the volume contains multiple parts, indicate the part using this parameter.
  • |3= (optional)
    The column number, used instead of the page number of other publications. Each page contains 2 columns.
  • |4= (optional)
    The line number, given between the two vertical lines in the middle of the page.