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“R:Canadian Oxford 2004” in the Katherine Barker, editor, Canadian Oxford Dictionary, 2nd edition, Don Mills, Ont.; Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2004, ISBN 978-0-19-541816-3.


This template may be used in "References" and "Further reading" sections, and on talk pages, to cite the Canadian Oxford Dictionary (2nd ed., 2004).


The template takes the following optional parameters:

  • |1= or |entry= – the entry in the work to be cited. If this parameter is omitted, the template uses the name of the Wiktionary entry.
  • |2=, |page= or |pages= – the page number(s) of the work cited. Use |pages= to specify a range of pages, separating the first and last page numbers of the range with an en dash like this: |pages=110–111.
  • |3= or |passage= – a passage quoted from the work.
  • |nodot= – by default, the template adds a full stop (period) at the end of the citation. To suppress this punctuation, use |nodot=1 or |nodot=yes.