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A Greek–English Lexicon by Liddell & Scott, Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1940


This template uses the page title to automatically determine the URL via which to link to LSJ online at Perseus project. For those pages where this does not work, this template has one paramater, which is the entry word Romanized in a specific format:

Breathing marks and accents immediately follow the letter they occur on:

  • Rough breathing mark is (
  • Smooth breathing mark is )
  • Acute accent is /
  • Circumflex is %3D (standing in for =)
  • Iota subscript is %7C (standing in for |)
  • Capitalization uses a * before the first character
  • Diaeresis is +
Transcription characters
Greek Input Greek Input Greek Input Greek Input Greek Input
α a ζ z λ l π p φ f
β b η h μ m ρ r χ x
γ g θ q ν n σ/ς s ψ y
δ d ι i ξ c τ t ω w
ε e κ k ο o υ u ϝ v
Observe these characters particularly as they are not all intuitive.


  • {{R:LSJ|i)w%3Dta}} - ἰῶτα - note the use of %3D to stand in for "="
  • {{R:LSJ|a)karh/s}} - ἀκαρής
  • {{R:LSJ|parw%7Cdi/a}} - παρῳδία - note the use of %7C to stand in for "|"
  • {{R:LSJ|farmakei/a1}} - φαρμακεία - note the "1" added to the end, as there are two entries
  • {{R:LSJ|D.H.lhth/r}} - δηλητήρ - the string "D.H.lhth/r" had to be found in the Perseus project