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Liddell & Scott (1940) A Greek–English Lexicon, Oxford: Clarendon Press


This template takes the page title and automatically determines the URL for the online entry in the LSJ at the Perseus Project using Module:R:Perseus. For those pages where this does not work, this template has one parameter, which is the entry word romanized in a specific format:

Breathing marks and accents immediately follow the letter they occur on:

  • Rough breathing mark is (
  • Smooth breathing mark is )
  • Acute accent is /
  • Circumflex is %3D (standing in for =)
  • Iota subscript is %7C (standing in for |)
  • Capitalization uses a * before the first character
  • Diaeresis is +

Sometimes the entry name is entirely unpredictable, as with δηλητήρ (dēlētḗr) below.

Transcription characters
Greek Input Greek Input Greek Input Greek Input Greek Input
α a ζ z λ l π p φ f
β b η h μ m ρ r χ x
γ g θ q ν n σ/ς s ψ y
δ d ι i ξ c τ t ω w
ε e κ k ο o υ u ϝ v
Observe these characters particularly as they are not all intuitive.


  • {{R:LSJ|i)w%3Dta}} - ἰῶτα - note the use of %3D to stand in for "="
  • {{R:LSJ|a)karh/s}} - ἀκαρής
  • {{R:LSJ|parw%7Cdi/a}} - παρῳδία - note the use of %7C to stand in for "|"
  • {{R:LSJ|farmakei/a1}} - φαρμακεία - note the "1" added to the end, as there are two entries
  • {{R:LSJ|D.H.lhth/r}} - δηλητήρ - the string "D.H.lhth/r" had to be found by browsing the dictionary.