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This template may be used in Wiktionary entries to format quotations from Edmund Spenser's Complaints (1st edition, 1591). It can be used to create a link to an online version of the work at the Internet Archive.


The template takes the following parameters:

  • |1= or |poem=, or |chapter= – the name of the poem quoted from, as indicated in the table below. If some other name is specified, the template will display that name.
Parameter value Poem
Time The Ruines of Time
Teares The Teares of the Muses
Virgil Virgils Gnat
Prosopoeia Prosopopoia. Or Mother Hubberds Tale.
Rome Ruines of Rome: By Bellay
Muiopotmos Mviopotmos, or The Fate of the Butterflie
Visions Visions of the Worlds Vanitie
Bellay The Visions of Bellay
Petrarch The Visions of Petrarch
  • |2= or |url=mandatory in some cases: as the work is unpaginated, use this parameter to manually specify the URL of the webpage to link to, like this |url=https://archive.org/stream/complaintscontai00spen#page/27/mode/1up. The parameter must be used for the template to link to the online version of the work.
  • |part= – if the poem is divided into parts, use this parameter to specify the part number in Arabic numerals.
  • |3= or |passage= – the passage to be quoted.
  • |brackets= – use |brackets=on to surround a quotation with brackets. This indicates that the quotation either contains a mere mention of a term (for example, "some people find the word manoeuvre hard to spell") rather than an actual use of it (for example, "we need to manoeuvre carefully to avoid causing upset"), or does not provide an actual instance of a term but provides information about related terms.
  • |translation= – a translation of the passage quoted.


  • Wikitext:
    • {{RQ:Spenser Complaints|poem=Time|url=https://archive.org/stream/complaintscontai00spen#page/27/mode/1up</nowiki.|4=part=6|5=passage=<nowiki>[W]hen at laſt / I heard a voyce, which loudly to me called, / That with ſuddein '''ſhrill''' I was appalled.}}; or
    • {{RQ:Spenser Complaints|Time|https://archive.org/stream/complaintscontai00spen#page/27/mode/1up</nowiki.|4=part=6|5=<nowiki>[W]hen at laſt / I heard a voyce, which loudly to me called, / That with ſuddein '''ſhrill''' I was appalled.}}
  • Result: