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  • Use this template to show declension of short-stemmed, monosyllabic adjectives, or disyllabic adjectives whose stressed syllable is long.
Weak Strong
case singular plural case singular plural
m n f m n f m n f
nominative {{{1}}}a {{{1}}}e {{{1}}}e {{{1}}}an nom. {{{1}}} {{{1}}} {{{1}}}u {{{1}}}e {{{1}}}u, -e {{{1}}}a, -e
accusative {{{1}}}an {{{1}}}e {{{1}}}an acc. {{{1}}}ne {{{1}}} {{{1}}}e {{{1}}}e {{{1}}}u, -e {{{1}}}a, -e
genitive {{{1}}}an {{{1}}}ra, {{{1}}}ena gen. {{{1}}}es {{{1}}}es {{{1}}}re {{{1}}}ra
dative {{{1}}}an {{{1}}}um dat. {{{1}}}um {{{1}}}um {{{1}}}re {{{1}}}um
instrumental {{{1}}}e