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Return a part of a verbal paradigm. If there is more than one alternative, return only one. Parameters are the same as for {{ar-conj}} except that unnamed parameter 1 is the requested part and all remaining unnamed parameters are shifted over by one.

This template can also handle assimilated verbs, hollow verbs, final-weak verbs, verbs with hamza and verbs with doubled last letter or a combination of these. It also correctly handles most irregular verbs.


  • 1= to indicate requested part; see below
  • 2= to indicate verb form; Roman numerals accepted. In the vast majority of cases, just specify the Roman numeral, but can also include the weakness, e.g. 'I-sound' to force conjugation as a sound verb (rarely needed; see {{ar-conj}}).
  • Parameters specifying radicals and vowels
    • For form I:
      • 3 = past vowel(s)
      • 4 = non-past vowel(s)
      • 5 or I = first radical
      • 6 or II = second radical
      • 7 or III = third radical
    • For other triliteral forms:
      • 3 or I = first radical
      • 4 or II = second radical
      • 5 or III = third radical
    • For quadriliteral forms:
      • 3 or I = first radical
      • 4 or II = second radical
      • 5 or III = third radical
      • 6 or IV = fourth radical
  • Other parameters
    • variant=short, variant=long, variant=both: Used for the irregular verb حَيَّ or حَيِيَ, and for the related verb اِسْتَحْيَا or اِسْتَحَى; see {{ar-conj}} for more information

Codes for verb parts[edit]

  • ap=active participle
  • pp=passive participle
  • vn=verbal noun
  • 1s-perf=first-person singular perfect (past)
  • 2sm-perf=second-person masculine singular perfect (past) active
  • 2sf-perf=second-person feminine singular perfect (past) active
  • 3sm-perf=third-person masculine singular perfect (past) active
  • 3sf-perf=third-person feminine singular perfect (past) active
  • 2d-perf=second-person dual perfect (past) active
  • 3dm-perf=third-person masculine dual perfect (past) active
  • 3df-perf=third-person feminine dual perfect (past) active
  • 1p-perf=first-person plural perfect (past) active
  • 2pm-perf=second-person masculine plural perfect (past) active
  • 2pf-perf=second-person feminine plural perfect (past) active
  • 3pm-perf=third-person masculine plural perfect (past) active
  • 3pf-perf=third-person feminine plural perfect (past) active
  • 1s-impf=first-person singular imperfect (non-past) active indicative
  • 1s-subj=first-person singular imperfect (non-past) active subjunctive
  • 1s-juss=first-person singular imperfect (non-past) active jussive
  • 2sm-impr=second-person masculine singular imperative
  • 1s-ps-perf=first-person singular perfect (past) passive
  • 1s-ps-impf=first-person singular imperfect (non-past) passive indicative
  • 1s-ps-subj=first-person singular imperfect (non-past) passive subjunctive
  • 1s-ps-juss=first-person singular imperfect (non-past) passive jussive


Example 1[edit]


Produces: غَرَقْتِ

Example 2[edit]


Produces: اِحْتِيَار

Example 3[edit]


Produces: نُدَفَّأْ

Example 4[edit]


Produces: مُدَّتْ

Example 5[edit]


Produces: أَرُوا

Example 6[edit]


Produces: نَأْوَى