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Please see that page for discussion and justifications. Feel free to edit this template as normal, though do not remove the {{rfd}} until the debate has finished.


This template links to an audio file for quick listening. It is meant to be used inline with text, for pronunciations and the like.


{{audio-pron|name of sound file|enpr=enPR notation|ipa=IPA notation|xsampa=X-SAMPA notation|lang=2-character language code}}



gives this:

Optional Parameters[edit]

lang (strongly recommended)
Creates a link to the most specific IPA guide available and adds hidden language categories to the defined term.
ISO 3166 two-character country code. Creates an icon indicating the nationality of the speaker. Adding country=us to the example above gives:
Mostly unused at the moment. Adds a hidden category indicating the dialect present in the audio pronunciation.

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