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ca-proper noun ?

This template is used for all Catalan proper nouns. It uses Module:ca-headword as a back-end.


This template should be placed in all Catalan proper noun sections, immediately following the ===Proper noun=== section header. It provides the inflection line for the entry. The template also automatically categorizes the entry in Category:Catalan proper nouns.

As with other Wiktionary inflection templates, please do not use subst:.


This template requires one numbered parameter specifying the gender, which works the same as for Template:ca-noun. All proper nouns should have this unnamed parameter:

Islàndia (Iceland) :

{{ca-proper noun|f}}
Islàndia f

Catalunya (Catalonia) :

{{ca-proper noun|f}}
Catalunya f

Compound nouns may require the use of {{{head}}}, which replaces the initial headword form. This may be used to link components of a compound noun.

Nova Gal·les del Sud (New South Wales) :

{{ca-proper noun|f|head=[[nova|Nova]] [[Gal·les]] [[del]] [[sud|Sud]]}}
Nova Gal·les del Sud f