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May be called from a template that adds entries to a category. It handles requirements that are common to many such templates:

  • It only adds the category if the current page is an entry. (For example, a beer-parlour demonstration of {{fr-noun}} shouldn't add the BP to Category:French nouns.)
    • Alternatively, an ns= parameter can be provided to specify the namespace that should be categorized instead — ns=Appendix, say — but if you need any sort of detailed control, this template isn't for you. (Try {{cat-and-sort}} instead.)
  • If a second parameter is provided and non-blank, it is used as a sort-key. (Though the current entry-name is appended, for some added determinism.)
  • If a second parameter is absent or blank, then no sort-key is specified. This allows {{DEFAULTSORT}} to work properly.