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This template, when followed by some content and then {{collapse-bottom}}, places the content into an expandable box that is collapsed by default.


|title= (optional)

The title used to describe the box's contents. Defaults to "More information".

|class= (optional)

A CSS class to apply to the Mediawiki table that forms the inside of the box.

|background= (optional)

The background colour (CSS background-color property) the inside of the box should have. Valid values include common English colour names (red, green, etc.), hex codes (#00FF33), or decimal RGB values (rgb(0, 30, 255)). Defaults to #FFFFE0, which looks like this:  

|align= (optional)

The alignment of the text (CSS text-align property) on the inside of the box. Valid values include left, right, center, and justify. Defaults to left. An explicitly empty ({{collapse-top|align=}}) or invalid value will be interpreted as center.

|width= (optional)

The width of the box, as a percentage, that the content may occupy. This parameter may not function properly; see the Talk page. Defaults to 48.