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IPA(key): [ˈpr̝̊iːklat]

This template generates IPA transcriptions of Czech words using Module:cs-pronunciation. It needs no input in most cases, since it will automatically generate the pronunciation using the entry name. To transcribe a pronunciation different from the entry name, add a respelled pronunciation in the first parameter. A stress mark is added if the term has more than one syllable and does not contain a space. Otherwise, place " or % before the stressed syllable, and they will be transformed into the primary stress mark, ˈ or the secondary stress mark, ˌ.

For a glottal stop, use ?, the symbol for the glottal stop in X-SAMPA.

headword code result
tři {{cs-IPA}} IPA(key): [ˈtr̝̊ɪ]
na shledanou (na "shledanou) {{cs-IPA|na "shledanou}} IPA(key): [na ˈzɦlɛdanou̯]
na shledanou (na "schledanou) {{cs-IPA|na "schledanou}} IPA(key): [na ˈsxlɛdanou̯]
v okně (v "?okňe) {{cs-IPA|v "?okně}} IPA(key): [vˈʔokɲɛ]

Examples of manually entered hint needed: