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A template for automatic declension of Czech adjectives.

Displays a table of declensions for a Czech adjective. Uses Template:cs-decl-adj. Automatically determines the declined forms. Based on Template:cs-decl-adj-hard, Template:cs-decl-adj-soft, Template:cs-decl-pron-adj, and other pages.


Parameter Value Meaning Possible values
1. string noun without the two last letters anything
2. character letter before inflectional suffix or next to last letter; 'ch' counts as one letter; 'sk' and 'ck' are exceptions (see Issues below)
3. character or string last letter or inflectional suffix Inflectional suffixes:
  • ý (hard)
  • í (soft)
  • ův (masculine possessive)
  • in (feminine possessive)




Issue Description Status/solution
božský Should be božští, not božscí. Solution: put 'sk' as the second paramater.
tragický Should be tragičtí, not tragiccí. Solution: put 'ck' as the second paramater.