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imperfective of {{{1}}}.

Parameter #1: the perfective form.

Example of use: znepokojit and znepokojit.

Model template: Template:alternative spelling of.


To be used only when there are clear pairs of perfective and imperfective, like in the following examples:

Perfective Imperfective
namítnout namítat
vychovat vychovávat
rozvést rozvádět

Template, as used in namítat:



# {{cs-imperfective form of|namítnout}}

Main entry: perfective or imperfective[edit]

I think that perfective should be the main entry, as that is the one mainly used in Czech translation dictionaries on the web. Also, the imperfective forms are usually longer, and seems less canonic. Consider the following:

Perfective Imperfective
provést provádět
unést unášet
donést donášet
rozvést rozvážet
rozvášnit rozvášňovat
udělit udělovat

For certain group of words, probably a group of grammatical patterns, the perfective forms are longer:

Perfective Imperfective
zvednout zvedat
sednout sedat
lehnout lehat
zamrznout zamrzat
zamítnout zamítat

Some problematic cases:

Perfective Imperfective Note
dovést dovádět Imperfective is also used for children's activity, unlike the perfective.

But this is not a big problem. The first meaning of dovádět should be that it is an imperfective of dovést; the second meaning should be the specific meaning connected only with the imperfective form.