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This template contains the necessary meta-data to allow users who are using accelerated editing to create any grammatical forms semi-automatically.



# [[car]], [[automobile]]


  1. (optional) the suffix for the singular definite: en, n, et or t; otherwise it is taken as the complete word.
  2. (optional) the suffix for the plural indefinite: er, r, e, s; otherwise it is taken as the complete word. If a single hyphen ("-"), the word is taken to be uncountable. If missing, plural indefinite is the same as singular indefinite.
  • com: the word when used as the first part of a compound: e, s, - are interpreted as suffixes or no change; otherwise the whole word should be given, including a hyphen at the end.
  • g: the gender, c or n; if first unnamed argument is one of "en|n|et|t" it is not needed, but else it should be given.
  • base: is the singular indefinite, default PAGENAME, usually not needed
  • dc=1: for when consonant doubling is in effect.
  • stem: for when the inflected forms are not simply the lemma with a suffix, e.g. gymnasium (gymnasi- +et, +er; equivalently, gymnasie- +t, +r).
  • sg-def-2: if there are two correct variations of the singular definite, must be the complete word.
  • pl-indef-2: if there are two correct variations of the plural indefinite, must be the complete word.



stol c (singular definite stolen, plural indefinite stole)


nul n (singular definite nullet, plural indefinite nuller)


chip c (singular definite chippen, plural indefinite chips or chip)


mus c (singular definite musen, plural indefinite mus)


arbejde n (singular definite arbejdet, not used in plural form)

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