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This template contains the necessary meta-data to allow users who are using accelerated editing to create any grammatical forms semi-automatically.


  • 1= genitive singular ending
    • 1=(e)s for optional e before s (also adds archaic dative-e form)
    • 1=(s) for optional s
    • 1=es for required e before s (also adds archaic dative-e form)
    • 1=n, en, ns and ens also add dative and accusative singular -n forms
  • 2=plural ending or
    • pl=for full plural form (mostly for those that add umlauts or loanwords)
    • 2=n or en will supress the normal dative plural n, but...
      • If the noun already ends in -n and has no special plural ending added, you must leave 2= blank and set 3=n so that the template won't add a superfluous n to the dative plural.