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This template accepts 4 parameters, including 4 unnamed parameters and {{{deg}}}. All parameters except the fourth unnamed parameter are optional.


  • c: Comparative forms
  • s: Superlative forms

First unnamed parameter[edit]

  • pc: Predicate of the comparative forms
  • ps: Predicate of the superlative forms
  • s: Strong declension (Without article)
  • w: Weak declension (With definite article)
  • m: Mixed declension (With indefinite article)

Second unnamed parameter[edit]

  • m: Masculine form
  • f: Feminine form
  • n: Neuter form
  • p/pl: Plural form

Third unnamed parameter[edit]

  • n: Nominative form
  • g: Genitive form
  • d: Dative form
  • a: Accusative form

Fourth unnamed parameter (compulsory)[edit]

  • The base form of the adjective