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Crystal Clear filesystem trashcan full.png This template has been nominated for deletion(+)
Please see that page for discussion and justifications. Feel free to edit this template as normal, though do not remove the {{rfd}} until the debate has finished.

This template automatically converts wikilinks in a text to point to English using the def_t function in Module:links/templates. It does not tag the language, or add any other formatting. It is intended for use in definition lines.

Consensus is against using this template, at least in English entries; see Wiktionary:Votes/2016-07/Placing English definitions in def template or similar. Please do not use it unless this consensus changes.


The text to be converted. This can be anything, though if there is an equals sign (=) in the text, it will be treated as a parameter separator and a module error will result. Use {{=}} instead to avoid this.


On springen:

# {{def|to [[jump]], to [[leap]]}}
# {{def|to [[explode]], to [[shatter]]}}
  1. to jump, to leap
  2. to explode, to shatter