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This template is designed to be used by other templates. Do not use this template directly inside the main namespace.

Standard usage:

{{deftempboiler|{{{1|}}}|{{{2|}}}|{{{3|}}}|tr={{{tr|}}}|pos={{{pos|}}}|sc={{{sc|}}}|lang={{{lang|}}}|cap={{{cap|}}}|dot={{{dot|NONE}}}|nocap={{{nocap|}}}|nodot={{{nodot|}}}|form=type of form (for categorization purposes)|def=text to be displayed}}

This will produce:

  • The value given for def, or if no value is given for def, the value given for form followed by "of". The first letter will be capitalized unless nocap is given or cap is equal to the lowercase form of the first letter. This is followed by:
  • The value of the first parameter, or the second parameter if it is given, linking to the page name given in the first parameter. The script that the word is displayed in is determined by what script code is given for the value of sc if it is given, otherwise the default script of the language. The language section it links to is determined by what language code is given in lang, defaulting to en.
  • A transliteration or gloss can be given in tr or the third parameter, respectively.
  • A period will be displayed at the end unless nodot is given. The period can be replaced using the dot parameter.
  • The page is added to the category based on the values of lang and form. If form2 is given, an additional category will be added.

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