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Ambox warning pn.svg This template is going to be deleted.
{{FULLPAGENAME}} is deprecated or has failed Wiktionary:Requests for deletion/Others.

Please do not use this template, and remove it from pages that use it.

When put into another template, the {{deprecated}} generates a box warning and places them into [[Category:Deprecated templates]].


To generate the box, simply include it at the top of a template or module's documentation page:

{{documentation subpage}}

...rest of documentation...

One or more recommended templates may optionally be listed in unnamed parameters.


  • To simply mark {{example}} as deprecated, use the following code in it.
  • To replace {{en-old}} by {{en-new}}, use the following code in Template:en-old, to link it to Template:en-new.
  • To replace {{en-anynoun}} by {{en-noun}} and {{en-proper noun}}, use the following code in Template:en-anynoun, to link it to both Template:en-noun and Template:en-proper noun.
    {{deprecated|en-noun|en-proper noun}}