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For some Greek verbs of the Second conjugation (Type A); calls {{el-conj-2AB-2-disp}}, which calls {{el-conj-table-a}}.

A short guide for all Second conjugation verbs - full guide
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Templates:   2A-1     2A-2     2A-3     2B-1     2B-2     2AB-1     2AB-2     2AB-3   2AB-4  
Categories: cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat
-ώ  x x x x x x x x
-άω  x x x x x
-άς  x x x x x x x
-είς  x x x
Number of imperfect forms  2, 1 2, 1 2 1 2 1 2 1
Number of simple past forms  1, 2 2, 1 2 1 1 1
Different imperfective/perfective stems  x
2 perfective forms (different infixes)  x
2 perfective forms (different stems)  x
Perfective forms absent  x x
Option of irregular perfect participle  x x x x
Infixes currently available  αξ, ασ,
ηξ, ησ
ασ, ισ αξ-ηξ,
εσ, ησ εσ, ησ ασ, ησ
  the first figure is the default   indicates a link to an example indicates choice with options

Key points for this conjugation table[edit]