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please see: Greek verb inflection-table templates


This template produces the table for Type 1 verbs.

It is not called directly but by one of the templates el-conj-1a/b/c/d/e/f/g/h ...

Tense etc Singular Plural Note
Variable used
headword head appears in table heading
present pres-1/2/3s pres-1/2/3p
imperfect imperf-1/2/3s imperf-1/2/3p
continuous future cfut-1/2/3s cfut-1/2/3p
continuous subjunctive csub-1/2/3s csub-1/2/3p
imperfective imperative imp-i-2p imp-i-2s
dependent dep-1/2/3s dep-1/2/3p
simple past past-1/2/3s past-1/2/3p
simple future sfut-1/2/3s sfut-1/2/3p
simple subjunctive ssub-1/2/3s ssub-1/2/3p
perfective imperative imp-p-2s imp-p-2p
perfect perf-1/2/3s perf-1/2/3p
pluperfect plup-1/2/3s plup-1/2/3p
future perfect pfut-1/2/3s pfut-1/2/3p
perfect subjunctive psub-1/2/3s psub-1/2/3p
perfect imperative pimp-2s pimp-2p
alternative perfect forms perf2, plup2, pfut2, psub2 using {{el-conj-sub-tab-a}}
2nd alternative perfect forms perf3, plup3, pfut3, psub3 using {{el-conj-sub-tab-b}}
participle participle
non-finite nonfinite
voice only: passive for passive
note note
reference ref