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please see: Greek verb inflection-table templates


  • This template produces a reduced table for Type 1 verbs which lack perfective and perfect tenses.
  • It is not called directly.
  • Template {{el-conj-1-switch}} is used to call (currently) {{el-conj-1c}}.

Tense etc Singular Plural Note
Variable used
Headword head appears in table heading
Present pres-1/2/3s pres-1/2/3p
Imperfect imperf-1/2/3s imperf-1/2/3p
Continuous future cfut-1/2/3s cfut-1/2/3p
Continuous subjunctive csub-1/2/3s csub-1/2/3p
Imperfective imperative imp-i-2p imp-i-2s
Participle participle
Note note
Reference ref