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A template to display the frequencies of the alternative forms of a word. Greek sometimes has many ways of spelling a word, it is useful for the user to be given some idea of the popularity of a particular form. For example ανιψιά has four forms, two of which have vanishingly small frequencies - useful information for anyone not very familiar with Greek.


This template can handle up to five alternative forms, passed in ten paired unnamed arguments. The source and date of the data is passed using two named arguments.

  • s1 (the source) should equal HNC or Google
  • s2 (the date) is a freeform string, the suggested format is: August 2009

{{el-freq|ανιψιά|56|ανεψιά|22|ανηψιά|22|s1=Google|s2=November 2012}}

Output: (Frequency comparison: ανιψιά (anipsiá): 56%, ανεψιά (anepsiá): 22%, ανηψιά (anipsiá): 22%  source: Google Ελλάς , November 2012)


Usable s1 values:

  • HNC gives Hellenic National Corpus — Entering the lemma form of a word can produce all its inflections.
  • Google gives Google Ελλάς — The internet is not a true sample of current Greek usage. Only one inflection of w word can be searched for.