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enm-noun (plural enm-nouns)


This template is designed to format the head word (in bold), category, and inflection line of Middle English nouns. For noun plurals, please use {{plural of}}, for other noun forms, please use {{head}} and/or {{form of}}.


enm-noun has no mandatory parameters, all parameters are optional:

  • 1 or plural: the plural. Default: {{PAGENAME}}s. When specified as - ({{enm-noun|-}}) the noun is displayed as being uncountable
  • pl2: the second plural. No default, optional
  • gen: the genitive. No default, optional
  • gen2: the second genitive. No default, optional
  • head: the head word in bold, for example to use macrons or to link to individual words. Default: {{PAGENAME}}
  • sort: the sort key for Category:Middle English nouns, for example when a page name includes capital letters, diacritics or ligatures. Default: {{PAGENAME}}

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