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This template is new and in a state of flux, but as of right now, it takes the following parameters:

  • examples= — mandatory — The actual examples. Separate the examples with <br> tags.
  • justify= — optional — can be "left", but defaults to "right"
  • sense= — optional — A brief description of the relevant sense.
  • width= — optional (default 35%) — The width of the box, in CSS form (e.g. 19.4%, 210px, 30ex, etc.).

For an example, see the linguistics context of collocation. The following code generates the box on the right:
{{examples|justify=right|sense=linguistics|examples=strong tea<br>heavy drinker<br>powerful computer}}

Examples (linguistics)

strong tea
heavy drinker
powerful computer

For a noun, e.g., this template should usually be placed immediately after the ===Noun=== line and before the definition of the noun in the Wiktionary entry. If you place the template next to the appropriate definition in a list of definitions, it will break the numbering of the definitions.