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Basic usage[edit]

This template used for verbs that conjugate like devoir. Use it under the conjugation heading like thus,


It accepts one argument, which will be prefixed. Therefore, the conjugation for redevoir will be,


In addition to the table, this template adds category tags.

Tweaking category tags[edit]

Tweaking category tags[edit]

The exact logic of the cat tags is:

{{#if: {{{nocat|}}}|[[Category:French verbs|{{{cat|}}}{{PAGENAME}}]]
| |[[Category:French irregular verbs|{{{cat|}}}{{PAGENAME}}]]}}

Therefore, avoir will be filed under r. Bur if you want a prefix, add an optional cat=parameter to it.


This will be filed under d.

The second tag files the verb under the same scheme within French irregular verbs.

If the optional parameter nocat=is given, no cat tags will be included.