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  • This verb is one of a fairly large group of -re verbs, sometimes called the regular -re verbs (-endre, -ondre, -andre, -erdre and -ordre), that are all conjugated the same way. Other members of this group include vendre and perdre.


This template supplies the contents of the "Conjugation" section for a few dozen verb entries: to wit, the entries for verbs in the group sometimes called the regular -re verbs, including vendre, rendre, tendre, perdre, tordre, mordre, and others.

This template takes only two arguments. The first is the verb's infinitive, minus the final -re; the second is either avoir or être (indicating the usual auxiliary verb). So, for example, the conjugation section of vendre consists of:


In addition to its more visible content (the conjugation note and table), this template also adds its entry to Category:French verbs.