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Conjugation table for -er ending verbs. There are 14 templates being deprecated by the {{gl-conj-*}} series.



  • |1=: Stem without the infinitive
  • |2=: Altered stem like sugar – preterite suguei. It used when the stem ending in:
Hard Soft
Back vowels Front vowels Back vowels Front vowels
c quV z c
g guV

V denote vowels; while front vowels consists of e, i and back vowels consists of a, o, and, u.

  • |3=: Acuted stem to avoid verbs with monosyllabic stem being pronounced as /CjV/, /CwV/ instead of /CiV/, /CuV/
  • |4=: Altered stressed stem, as in table above, or diaeresised stem (-ïamos, -ïades) ({{gl-conj-er}} only, this function are also served by parameter |5= on {{gl-conj-ir}})

Template:gl-conj-ir-specific parameters[edit]

  • |5=: Diaeresised stem
  • |u-stem=: Changed stem with u → o
  • |e-stem=: Changed stem with e → i or i → e. Only works in second-person singular imperative. It can also used when parameter |2= already has stem alternation as in the table.
    Use - to add automatically parameter |2= stem.


  • Basic verbs (without stem alterations):
  • Verbs with altered stem:

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