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Template description[edit]

Use this template for third declension nouns that have:

  • A stem ending in a dental (τ, δ, θ) or dental cluster (e.g. ντ).
  • An accent on the ultimate mora.


Template specific parameters[edit]

All parameters are required unless otherwise specified.

The nominative singular.
The stem without an accent.
The dental (i.e. τ, δ, θ) or dental cluster (e.g. ντ).
The stem with an accent on the penultimate mora.
(Optional) The stem modified for the dative plural. If not inputted, the template automatically uses parameter 2 and drops the dental.

General parameters[edit]

Text to be appended to the titles of all tables.
Text to be displayed at the bottoms of all tables.
Used to set the gender of the articles and number in the declension.
form= arguments
Optional prefix Articles added Required base Forms shown
M- Masculine full All
F- Feminine sing Singular
N- Neuter plur Plural
MF- Masculine & feminine sp Singular & plural
Cell override parameters
Case / # Singular Dual Plural
Nominative NS= ND= NP=
Genitive GS= GD= GP=
Dative DS= GD= DP=
Accusative AS= ND= AP=
Vocative VS= ND= NP=