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he-adj-i (feminine he-adj-iת, masculine plural he-adj-iם, feminine plural he-adj-iות)

The template {{he-adj-i}} is only used for regular Hebrew adjectives ending in ־י(-i). For other adjectives use {{he-adj}}.


  • tr= — "transliteration", for example yisr'elí — the transliteration of the masculine singular indefinite form into the Latin alphabet; see Wiktionary:About Hebrew for guidelines.
  • wv= — "with vowels" — headword with nikúd (when the letters are the same)
  • dwv= — "defective with vowels" — headword with nikúd (when the letters are different)
  • head= — "headword" — used to completely override the display of the headword. This is useful when the headword is a multi-word adjective, and you want to link to the component words.
  • mp2= — "masculine plural #2" — used to indicate whether the alternative masculine plural should be included (anything other than the empty string indicates true)