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base +‎ -suffix

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This template is used in Hungarian etymology sections to indicate that a word is created by attaching a suffix to another word.



  1. base word (might be skipped and then only the suffixes appear without a leading + sign. Useful for categorization when the baseword does not exist alone. Remember to list other suffixed versions of this baseword in a Related terms section)
  2. suffix without a dash
  3. suffix without a dash
  4. suffix without a dash
  5. suffix without a dash

The current maximum of suffixes is 4 (parameters no. 2-5).


  • pos= Part of speech of the word, so it can be categorized accordingly. Some abbreviations can be used:
    • n - noun
    • v - verb
    • adj - adjective
    • adv - adverb
    • anything else must be written out fully
    • if left empty, the word will be simply categorized to a category stating "word" instead of naming the part of speech.
  • pos2 = An optional second part of speech, in case two different parts of speech are described under the same etymology. Fill the same way as pos.
  • nocat=y Used to suppress categorization.
  • t1, t2, t3, t4, t5: translation of the baseword and the suffixes to English.


  • Use multiple suffixes only if splitting only one does not yield a meaningful word that should have or already has an entry.
  • Please translate the baseword, but translate suffixes only when obvious or for a specific reason.
  • Provide the part of speech always, as it is needed for correct categorization.


  • {{hu-suffix|barát|t1=friend|ság|pos=n}}


barát (friend) +‎ -ság