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Named parameters are:

  • inf = infinitive (will not be wikified)
  • 2 = auxiliary verb (avere and/or essere, will be wikified)
  • ger = gerund
  • presp = present participle
  • pastp = past participle
  • pres1s, pres2s, pres3s, pres1p, pres2p, pres3p = 1st, 2nd, 3rd, singular and plural present tense
  • imperf1s to imperf3p = imperfect
  • prem1s to prem3p = past historic (passato remoto)
  • fut1s to fut3p = future
  • cond1s to cond3p = conditional
  • sub123s, (sub3s for impersonal verbs) sub1p to sub3p = subjunctive
  • impsub12s, impsub3s, impsub1p to impsub3p = imperfect subjunctive
  • imp2s to imp3p = imperative

Each of the above (except inf and 2) has alternative versions e.g. pastp2 for supplying synonyms.

The auxiliary verb is set to essere by default.

  • Use a hyphen to remove a term that would be present in a regular verb (e.g. a synonym in the past historic) specify e.g. prem3s2=-.
  • mi, ti, si, ci and vi are used internally by the reflexive verb templates. They may be overwritten to generate the conjugation tables for such verbs as andarsene and farcela.