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  • JIS: -
  • Kuten: -
  • Shift JIS: -
  • EUC-JP: -
  • Frequency: -
  • Nelson: -
  • New Nelson: -
  • Halpern: -
  • Halpern Learners: -
  • Heisig: -
  • Tuttle Kanji Dictionary: -
  1. Source: EDICT and KANJIDIC files licensed by the Electronic Dictionaries Research Group.

Usage in articles[edit]

For use in articles about individual kanji only. The template should be placed under an L4 heading titled References, under the L3 Kanji heading. It should be placed after the other L4 subheadings in the section as follows:


Blank Form[edit]



Parameter Format Source
ku decimal (four digits) Kuten encoding
shift hexadecimal (four digits) Shift JIS encoding standard
jis hexadecimal (four digits) JIS X 0208 encoding standard
euc hexadecimal (four digits) EUC (Extended Unix Code) standard
freq 0~0,000 Frequency of use in Gendai Shimbun no Kanji (A Study of Uses of Chinese Characters in Modern Newspapers). (NLRI, 1976)
nelson 0~0,000 Location in Andrew Nelson's Modern Reader's Japanese-English Character Dictionary a.k.a. Classic or Original Nelson. (Tuttle, 1980)
nelson 0~0,000 Location in John H. Haig's The New Nelson Japanese-English Character Dictionary a.k.a. New Nelson. (Tuttle, 1997)
halpern 0~0,000 Location in Jack Halpern's New Japanese-English Character Dictionary. (NTC, 1993)
kld 0~0,000 Location in Kodansha's Kanji Learners Dictionary. (Kodansha, 1999)
heisig 0~0,000 Location in James Heisig's Remembering The Kanji (volumes I & III). (Oxford, 1987)
tuttle alphanumeric (0x0.0) Location in Mark Spahn and Wolfgang Hadamitzky's Learner's Kanji Dictionary. (Tuttle, 2004)