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Edit-copy green.svg Documentation for Template:ko-l. [edit]
This page contains usage information, categories, interwiki links and other content describing the template.

For use in inline references to Korean words, most commonly in etymology sections or lists of derived terms.


  • Korean word (in Hangul). Wikilinked automatically.
  • Revised Romanization. Often unused transliteration parameter. Can be filled to override the transliteration by Module:ko-translit, but this is unlikely.
  • Meaning.
  • Hanja (wikilinked automatically).

You can fill the other parameters in whichever sequence you prefer, but a Hangul parameter must be present.

Parameter 5 is notes.



한국어 (韓國語, han-gugeo, “Korean”)


한국어 (韓國語, han-gugeo, “Korean”)


한국어 (韓國語, han-gugeo)


한국어 (韓國語, han-gugeo)

{{ko-l|—질|''nominalisation suffix''}}

(-jil, “nominalisation suffix”)

{{ko-l|—ㅅ—|''genitive marker''}}

(-s-, “genitive marker”)

{{ko-l|짓—|to make, to do}}

짓— (jit-, “to make, to do”)


십육 (十六, simnyuk, “sixteen”)

{{ko-l|깻잎|sesame leaves|kkaennip}}

깻잎 (kkaennip, “sesame leaves”)

{{ko-l|깻잎|kkaennip|sesame leaves}}

깻잎 (kkaennip, “sesame leaves”)

{{ko-l|의견란|suggestion box|意見欄|uigyeonnan}}

의견란 (意見欄, uigyeonnan, “suggestion box”)

{{ko-l|한국말|Korean spoken language|韓國말||broadly}}

한국말 (韓國, han-gungmal, “Korean spoken language”) (broadly)

{{ko-l|決||decisive|결}} (discouraged format)

(, gyeol, “decisive”)

{{ko-l|결|decisive|決}} (preferred format)

(, gyeol, “decisive”)