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{{{1}}} (feminine {{{2}}}, neuter {{{3}}}, comparative {{{comp}}}, superlative {{{sup}}}); first/second declension


This template implements the headword for Latin first & second declension adjectives. The template requires three unnamed parameters (the nominative singular masculine, feminine, and neuter with macrons) and may use two named parameters (|comp=, the comparative form and |sup= the superlative form).


  • |1= required
    The masculine nominative singular
  • |2= required
    The feminine nominative singular
  • |3= required
    The neuter nominative singular
  • |comp=, |comp2=, … optional
    The comparative form(s)
  • |sup=, |sup2=, … optional
    The superlative form(s)
  • |head2=, |head3=, … optional
    Further masculine nominative singular forms
  • |f2=, |f3=, … optional
    Further feminine nominative singular forms
  • |n2=, |n3=, … optional
    Further neuter nominative singular forms


bonus (feminine bona, neuter bonum, comparative melior, superlative optimus); first/second declension

pulcher (feminine pulchra, neuter pulchrum, comparative pulchrior, superlative pulcherrimus); first/second declension